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Hi All

Hi All, I’ve been reading the forums for ages so I thought I’d better post and say hi and give some info.

I’m 25 from the UK and I’m a personal trainer. The good kind! I get everyone doing deadlifts, squats etc…

My own training was severely halted by a shoulder and neck injury I got playing linebacker in college two years ago. I’ve just started training properly again in the last few weeks.

My current routine is the following.
Day1 Legs
Bulgarian Squats 3x8
Sumo SLDL 3x8
Alternate Lunges 2x8
some calf work occaisonally.

Day2 Upper body
DB Chest Press on ball 3x8 (sometimes I will do these one arm at a time for the core demand)
Sternum Chins 3x8
Lat raises knees on ball 3x8
3 sets of basic tri exercise
3 sets of basic bi exercise

Day3 Core
Dumbell Swings 2x6
Woodchop standing on ball 2x10
Dynamic woodchop 2x6
Medicine ball hip toss 2x6
Forward ball roll 2x10

I’ve not really posted for feedback but if you wanna give me some, let rip. This routine is the way it is because its what I can do with my current injury status. These last few weeks have been great getting back into everything. I find I’m more focused on everything in life!

Cheers all!

Find yourself an ab wheel. If your back can take it, it’s magnificent for static ab strength.

Not a bad workout. Back lacks a bit, and some may take issue with 2 and 3 sets of everything, but if it works, by all means.

And glad to have ya,