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Hi All, Introduction

Just wanted to introduce myself here. My name is Ben, I’m 27 and a new convert to powerlifting. I’m going to start a log here in hopes of fine tuning my techniques and learning a few new things.

I’ve been hitting the weights on and off since I was 15 but have been pretty solid for the last 5 years. I’ve run Smolov Jr cycles for my deads and bench last year and also completed the full Smolov Squat Cycle in January. Since then I have started training with a WSB template. I’m hoping to compete sometime in the future.

My current maxes are:
Squat: 200kg
Dead: 210kg
Bench 160kg
BW: Currently 91kg but those maxes were made at 86kg.


Hi and welcome.

Let us know how you get on in you (first?) meet.
Where abouts in Blighty are you? Any thoughts on which organisation your going to lift in?

I’m in Lancaster BTW

Hi, and welcome.