Hi Again! (Halcj Returns)

Hi all
Thought I’d re-introduce myself after a break from posting / logging training sessions; I’ve had a rough time with injuries (from playing rugby) and been forced to rest from squat/deadlift and rugby for quite some time due to one of them (small lower back fracture)as well as having some other, more minor, problems (pec strain, lat strain, etc.).

Oddly enough I didn’t get any of these during my time with the Bulgarian method, although I guess contact sports are always a greater risk than lifting.
During time off posting I hit a 160kg raw bench (very pleased with this) and spent a great deal of time working on “core” stability/strength and motion. Many a front squat reverse lunge / cable pullthrough performed during rehab, and running progressed slowly etc.

ANYWAY - BACK NOW, AND TRAINING FULLY! Cleared to return to training / sport, and in the process of building strength and conditioning back to and beyond previous levels.

SQ ~190kg (improving quickly)
BE 150kg+, but hit 160kg in August (finishing Smolov cycle for bench, waiting to test again)
Deadlift 200kg? Not sure, but working with light-ish weights for now - did 8x2x160kg easily in a circuit w/ front squats recently
Front SQ ~145kg
Overhead Press 6x30kg dumbbells, seated
@ 210lbs BW

Also performing conditioning work with prowler, stationary bike, sprints/running, etc. Just getting back to rugby training, will alter programming when I start playing matches again.

Eating ~5000kcal/day, generally hitting around 400gC/300gP/245gF or so.

I am not using the Bulgarian method currently, but would consider it (possibly adapted slightly again) in the future, for peaking/meet prep. especially. I still train with relatively high frequency as usual though. Using Smolov base for bench atm, and 1/2/3 wave ladders for squats, though I will change when the bench cycle finishes.

It’s good to be back - Squat Strong All!