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Anybody hear what happened to HHH last week. He tore his quad & continued the match!! He even suffered the walls of jericho. I know it is fake, but still, you gotta respect that guy. What a stud.

did you see raw tonight? He had surgery, and is going to be out for 4 months

HELLS F’EN YEAH MAN The man is amazing, and the most talented wrestler in the business, it’s gonna be sad to not see him perform but at least he will return.

He’s one hardcore mutherfucker!


Wrestlers are some of the toughest SOBs in the world. They wrestle with all kinds injuries and hardly ever get time off.

That is pretty gritty. Though I prefer Kaz’s squatting around 900 with TWO torn hamstrings during a WSM competition. That’s one tough man.

Hell yeah, fellas! As scripted and fake as the actual epsiodes of wrestling may be or made out to be, there’s no denying that those fellas in the squared circle ARE big, tough SOBs–natural or not is of a different matter–who push their bodies to and beyond the limit in and out of the ring. They ARE athletes. BTW, anyone catch the Rock in Mummy Returns?

I just wanted to chime in and say it’s nice to know others respect the physical abuse pro wrestlers go through. A few months ago I posted a message to the Q&A on T-Mag and some idiot wrote in the following week calling me stupid for thinking for one minute that these guys actually got hurt during matches. Yes, it’s fixed … but fake it ain’t! HHH is absolutely the best in the business, bar none.

I have to agree that what those boys put themselves thru…sure isnt easy!! I also have to say I think HHH is THE biggest roider there…with all his money, you would think he could find SOMETHING for that acne on his back…it is the worst I have seen of any wrestler there! As far as his leg pull…seems to me that was a perfect example of muscle strength outgrowing tendon strength due to going a bit heavy on the “juice” but perhaps I am wrong. I do have to agree tho that having to go thru the “Walls of Jerico” after that HAD to be total AGONY, and that he is one tough SOB!

whats ironic about HHH is, I went to my first live tv show for wwf about 6 months ago (in worchester,ma) and physically speaking,the best bodypart on anyone I thought was HHH’s quads. He is a fuckin monster. I think he must have done some deca+d-bol in his time.

It is interesting, before HHH was popular you could tell he was not a very heavy roid user (in fact he might have been roid free). Since he became popular he has blown up and looks like he is using everything he can get his hands on.

i agree that HHH is on the juice…has anybody seen any of his older footage, before he was a beast?? he looked REALLY small. but along the same lines, he looks A LOT better than big poppa pump, aka, big poppa dont-squat.

imo though, the rock has some huge legs. same with rhyno. any opinions??

Those guy juice for sure (I’m a wrestler- don’t ask), but for some, it’s simply for the injury healing. Guys like the Hardyz take falls that would make men cry, then do it again. I salute the big names, all jealousy aside. Check out Glen Jacobs (KANE). I worked out with him a couple of times…er…I worked out AROUND him. HE IS ENORMOUS!

How did the injusry happen - please dont tell me it was inflicted by Y2J one on one. HHH is up there with Benoit as one of my favorites. I saw a recent picture of HHH and ronnie coleman - HHH looked more than a few inches taller and alot heavier. In relation to physical punishment of pro wrestling, Ken Shamrock came from NHB fighting and said he had trouble dealing with the bumps and blows. On a different note again, I was never a big Rock fan but things arent the same without his carrying on.