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I had a question about supplements for basic health. In about 5 months i will be playing hockey alot, working going to school and still trying to train 4 days a week so basically anything supplements or food do that matter that can give my body a boost will help.

If my diet is in check meaning im deff eating enough and getting enough vegtables and fruit everyday. My supplents at the time will be, fish oil, whey and creatine pwo and certain other protiens at other times in the day. I was considering adding, Rhodiola Rosea, ZMA, vitamin c pwo and taurine pre-workout, Power Drive, and maybe just using Surge also just because it helps recovery.

Its not like im rich hear so what do u think would rank most important to basically keep me from over training and being tired while also giving my ammune sytem a boost. I will also be able to sleep at least 8 hours a night