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has anybody used HGH, Sytropin to be exact, everything ive read about it says it works can anybody back this up. I hope this stuff works i just ordered some and it aint cheap, so i guess ill let you know how it works


Depends on what your getting it for. If your getting it because your IGF-1 levels are low and want to bring em back to normal, yes. rHGH is not a quick miracle muscle/strength gaining drug. I know Ive used it for 3 years now.

When I first started I fell into the hype and started using @ 4iu daily. I noticed a lot of water retention, and my hands and feet hurt. My hands were so swelled I could not bring my thumb over to hold down my pinky to make a #3 sign. You will really need to use some test with it. Without test GH is almost useless. When you raise IGF-1 levels without raising test levels you are being couterproductive. The only thing you will notice on the rHGH after 12 weeks and a lot of $, is maybe some fat loss and a bumped up immune system.

Many So called gurus advocate that rHGH produces hyperplasia, (The addition of new muscle cells along with the enlarging of those cells) They are correct, however, the amount is minimal. Nothing like the way they make it sound. Where you will see the best benefit from rHGH use is in a slow gradual strengthening of tendons and those tissues.

You will also benefit as I said by a boosted immune system. I have found that 1 unit 5 times weekly or, one unit 2 days on and one day off, is perfect for creating the synergistic affect with test and boosting the immune system. I have noticed over a long period, (About 2 years) slightly stronger tendons. I have no pain in the areas I used to have pain when I benched heavy. You know, the wrist pain and the elbow pain. At this dosage my doc says my levels are that of a 20 year old. Any nore than that will cause unwanted side effects. Water retention, pain in your hands and feet, high blood pressure etc.

Well, you asked, and there is my 3 year experience with rHGH use. Probably not ehat you wanted to hear, but the truth.

Would I recomend rHGH, yes, but only as a HRT item.
good luck