I was reading up about alot of the Human growth hromone stuff out there, but I was wondering if it really worked. I am 44 and am noticing somethings such as it getting harder to shed bodyfat esp around the gut area.I was on a keto diet for a few weeks but really didn’t notice much but water loss. I was wondering if something lik this could help or is there an alternative solution? thanks for any answers.

Low dose GH use, such as 1 IU per day, is probably beneficial to anyone of around 40 years of age or older, including with regard
to bodyfat. If it can be afforded, it’s worth
trying. It is, however, expensive.

And at this point, only actual injectable GH
will work. Also avoid black-market GH.

Bill, My mom was checking into the Life Extension stuff and asking if I knew anything about this (I guess it’s all the rage with aging starlets)she’s 60. Is this a legit place to get HGH or at least good info?

I’m sorry, but I really don’t know.

I’m sorry if I’m wrong but your description of your diet makes me think it probably lacked detail. Could you tell me how calories a day you at or did you just “eat clean” or “eat healthier.” I would try it or any other diet again with good detail(cals a day, grams of nutrients a day), fat burners, and cardio. Give it two weeks and adjust diet based on results. I could see not being happy with rate of muscle gains at 44, but I think we could get your fatloss going again naturally.

A girl, You can contact LEF for GH or if you are in california, many places. My 2nd cousin who is in his 70’s goes to California Anti-aging insitute for his GH and test cream.

A girl, you could also check with Bruce Nadler in Rhode Island. He does plastic surgery and GH/Test therapies. You only have to see him once. Then he gives you the scripts