I have a chance to get some hgh but know little about it, as far as amounts and the conversion of IU! My question is serostim is available in 4mg,5mg,6mg for single dose adim. it also says on the information that 4mg vial contains 4.0mg(approximently 12IU) somatropin, 5mg vial contains 5.0mg(approximently 15IU) somatropin and so on. I’ve read that in some cycles you use 1IU a day for so many weeks and than 2IU a day for so many. Does that mean if I have 5mg serostim and I want to do 1IU a day, It will last me 15 days? ( it comes with 1ml of mixing solution). If not how can I use it as far as streching it out and still be usefull? I can get up to 28 5mg vials. Iam 6 feet tall and my weight is 190 and have done several cycles. thanks!

190 and 6 feet tall and done several cycles and considering HGH? Is this a troll?

what is your point?

I think his post means that doing HGH would be absolutely ridiculous. You could probably be atleast 205 naturally. Eating your face off and training right could get you there easy. With a couple cycles of AAS you could probably put on another 20 pounds.

Even then you should be exhausting the possibilities of steroids and proper training before touching HGH. Most of the vets and competitive bodybuilders on this site don’t even touch it. Stick to chicken and juice.

thanks, your constructive answer is appreciated. But it still dosen’t answer the question about IU and conversions!

[quote]cruzer wrote:
thanks, your constructive answer is appreciated. But it still dosen’t answer the question about IU and conversions![/quote]

I use 2 units of GH a day. This is a theraputic dose. I mix 3 ml’s of sterile water into the vial and I get 18 iu’s of growth. With an insulin syringe, I draw up to 16.5 on the syringe. This equates to one IU. I do this twice per day. Change your injection sites from day to day. Do not inject near the naval.

i took HGH for about 4 months … started of with 2ius a day (5 on 2 off) … i did notice a mood change (verry nice) but not much in size … i up to 3 ius a day… and did notice a drop in body fat the last 2 weeks or so i was at 4ius more weight loss… i am now off of it ( cause i cant aford/find it anymore:(… but i still seem to be sliming up … for me its was nice i needed to drop some fat but at the price i dodnt know how worth it it was for me (120$=18 IUs but that was a sale and i got 7 boxes)i do miss the happy mood … also i didnt stack it with anything it was just stright HGH