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i just got 240 ui of hgh, no sure of what dosage and other roids to use whit, please post some cycle options for this roids,

What are your stats/goals…Make sure to include age.


Okay-I just want to see if i got this straight-stop me if I’m wrong.

You just spent anywhere from $1000-3000
dollars on Growth Hormone, without knowing how much and when to use? When I first read this I thought someone was joking! From the multitude of sp? errors, english probably is not your first language-so do not think that I am mocking you (for the question:).

General rule of thumb is that anything less than 4 IU per day, for 2-3 months, is just a waste of good stuff (if you actually got good stuff and not HCG :frowning:

It didnt costme that much, couse, it was a gift from a doctor, hehehe,
my stats 24years old, 7 years lifting weights, 5’10 200 punds bf 21%, on a diet rigth now, iam looking to drop 8% of my bf in the next 4 months.