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I have been taking 4i.u. of hgh ED and a guy at the gym told me I could take it all at once (24i.u.) in one injection and I’m good for the week. This is contrary to everything I have learned about short half life drugs. Can this be true? Could it be just as effective with no sides?

I’ve heard this too and believe it is a rumor started when people began hearing about nutropin depot, a slow acting gh that you take one 22.5 or 18mg shot of and lasts 28days,
I would not do this with regular gh.
I dont’ think this is a good idea. the only real way to know though is to try.

Please don’t do that much at one time, nutropin will last for 2 weeks or so, but not the regular stuff. People have carpal tunnel conditions and worst from high doses of hgh. Granted only once a week would mitigate much of the long term risk I suppose, but that’s just 'cuz you will only have exogenous hgh in your system for what, 12 hours or so? Keep on doing what your doing.

Rea reccomends splitting up the Daily dose in two shots. Although the time released stuff could be pretty cool once it gets into greedy fingers :wink:

Yeah. That’s what I thought. If anyone else has an opinion on this or know where to get that Nutropin please chime in.

Nutropin AQ is regular Gh and Nutropin Depot is the one that you shoot once every 28 days. Unfortunately genentech recently discontinued nutropin depot, which is a great product, because the profits werent’ justifying the cost of making it. Oh well. Regular gh is actually a bit better I believe in that you can time your doses. Nutropin depot could theoretically cause more suppression of endogenous gh if the daily pulses happen during sleep when your endogenous production is highest. Regular gh like nutropin aq or jinotropin allow for moring shots and less interuption of your own gh production.