What is the normal length for a course of hgh at 4 IU per day?

HGH use is all based on budget. If you can afford it, take it everyday for as long as you want.

GH is a sequence of amino acids, not a hormone. It won’t interupt or interfere with any hormone balance, thus, you do not need any time to recover.

hGH IS a hormone (by definition- a substance secreted by a gland which targets organ(s) in the body). And yes, of course exogenous administration will affect the normal hormonal balance.

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Whoever posted that reply to you was talking out of his arse!

“…Whoever posted that reply to you was talking out of his arse!”

This coming from a guy with a total of TWO responses to this board?? Go fuck yourself, I bet you have never even used GH before.

Whew, now that my vent is over… exogenous administration WILL effect hormonal balance ONLY IF TAKEN AT NIGHT! The human body secretes most of its natural GH at about 90 minutes into deep sleep. So, as long as you are NOT taking your GH at bedtime, you won’t be signaling the body to STOP secretion because of the abundance already there.

And yes, synthetically manufactured HGH is made up of a sequence of amino acids, as I ALREADY stated…

…unless, you are taking some super old shit that was biologically extracted from HUMAN CORPSES!

Oh, and sooty…

By YOUR definition (GH is a substance secreted by a gland which targets organs in the body), you are comparing apples to oranges.

We are talking EXOGENOUS use here!! So where the hell do you get this “secreted substance” crap from? The GLAND you are referring to is the pituitary gland (incase you didn’t know!) where the body gets its GH NATURALLY…

Naturally? Synthetic? Apples? Oranges? You get it?!

At 4IU you will want to run for at least 3months. You can run 5 on 2 off for budget reasons or 7 days a week if you can afford it.

What are your goals? At that dose, leaness and anti aging benefits will be noticed but not so much mass unless AAS are combined.

I get great recovery from using 2iu’s 7days a week morning injections. Of course I am not going for mass. Although my season weight increased and is the same as off season weight (+6lbs lbm). My strength also increased and my overall base is bigger. MassNutririon does know what he writes about. He gave me, and I’m sure many others excellent advice on using gh. Good Luck,

What else “AAS” do you think would go with HGH?Also how should i stack it?

As lturn said the benefits of hgh are not that you’ll explode but you’ll get lean gains and great recovery and rejuvination from training and/or most injuries.
As for what AAS to take with HGH well that depends on your goal. Basically, I would put together a bulking or cutting regimn as you normally would and add hgh to that at 2-6IU/day. I would plan it so that I ran hgh for a few months afte the aas as it can help with gain retention.

Thanks for the replies. I love a good conflict too.
As for my goals I’m taking it as an anti-ageing, joint recovery, get leaner regimen at 4 I.U. 6 days a week for the last 4 months.
I am now 2 weeks into a cycle like this:
600mg EQ per week with 40mg Anavar ED for 5 weeks then switch to 400mg primo for 3 or 4 weeks to get back T production. Clomid, HCG during and Clomid post although I have not taken the clomid yet as I see no need so far. I would like to add a Class II to the primo that is not supressive and not liver toxic. Any ideas? Oh yeah, are you saying that if I can afford it I can continue hgh use forever without ever taking a break?