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I just picked up my viles of hgh from the P.O. and this co. dosen’t send the sterile water with it. My pharm. won’t sell it to me. I was told I could use contact lens solution but that’s saline solution. What do I do?

Get distilled water from the supermarket and bring it up to a boil. Let it boil for a few minutes and just use that. I think IP reccomends that you do this with his GH powder.

or simply order bacteriostatic water from researchkits or some place similiar.

Thanks guys. I got the bacteriostatic water today and I have 16 vials of 4 I.U. each hgh powder. How much water in ml do I put in? Also my slin pins are 1cc each, how do I figure out a dose of 1.5 I.U. per injection?

put a cc of water in, then draw up about 1/3rd cc each time. should be close. thats me not really doing the math. I would do 1cc of water and .5 cc each time for 2i.u. injection, but thats just me

Thanks bro.