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I have been reading alot about hgh lately and have even heard a few doctors on different radio programs say that HGH has virtually no side effects.

I have seen alot of different sites selling the stuff, can anyone telll me what is the brand name that is reliable and how much one should take to get good results? Or is eveything sold on the internet just fake stuff?

Post this question on the Steroids board. I am sure that the guys that frequent those threads will provide you with some entertaining insight.

Yeah and i hope you have alot of coin to spend of that stuff b/c it is pricey as hell…btw the way the steroid guys will probably tell you that the mass to price ratio is not worth it and they can recommend a better stack.

I second TCB

Are you talking about real hgh? I have heard many programs on the radio aboout suplplements that are suppossed to increase your hgh levels. And, if you didn’t know, those are worthless supplements.

The one show I heard talked almost the whole time about people taking real hgh. If you weren’t paying attention, you might not realize they were talking about 2 different things!

No, they were doctors talking about athletes taking it. I have seen websites where you can purchase it and they will give you a prescription online. You have to inject it as well.

It is pricey, but what I want to find out is if the recommended dosages that they give on the websites are going to be enough to get immediate results.

One website had a two month supply for around 1000. That didn’t seem like that much to me, considering the price that people I know pay for a 2 month cycle with all of the anti-estrogens etc. I appreciate any info anyone can give.

are you stoned? a grand for 2 months of hgh? im not recommending that you use aas, but you might want to look a little deeper into it, waaaaaaaaaay cheaper.

Man, “immediate results…” P-dog is right, that is super-expensive. Something doesn’t seem right here.

Are you a fighter looking to go up in weight class?

Why don’t you post your stats and let us know what your goals are in the “Looking good Nekkid” board. There are other ways to get big besides taking the chances that go along with HGH. As we previously recommended, the board on which to post your question concerning hgh is the “Steriod” board, not off topic. Please start a thread there to get the info you need. The time it took you to reply on this thread would have been enough time to submit your question to the appropriate folks.

If you don’t, and continue to post on this thread without heeding our advice, then I have no other choice than to deem you stupid, or a cop. You’re being way to vague for me to believe otherwise.

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See you would think that living int he southwest I would have no problem, but from the few people that I know selling steroids, they are really expensive. Plus, everything I read about HGH, says that it helps you in virtually all aspects of your life not just muscle building. Sleep, joint pain etc.

dude do some research on gh here on the forums. you will see that most people that have used it were pretty unhappy with the results. it seems that most people are not happy with it unless it is stacked with insulin and or gear. do some research and post an educated thread on the steroids forum if you want some real info.

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