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i want to know more about HGH and what it does, search here didnt give anything. anyone know any site with the building view of HGH, or the Whole view.
“Arginine and Ornithine were originally thought to be the most effective in stimulating HGH production, however, recently Glutamine, the most abundant amino acid in our bodies, was found to be a highly effective HGH releaser.”
is the glutatmine thing true?

As T-mag ahs written a million times, even real injected GH doesn’t do that much alone. There is no good “Gh booster” supplement out there. Some things can cause a temporary rise in Gh, but that does nothing for you bodybuilding wise. Also, these scam companies often cite real Gh studies when selling plain supplements, not real GH. Read the “Dirty Tricks” article at T-mag and the article by David Bar debunking glutamine. T-mag also has at least two full articles on Hgh that I can recall.

And just a tip, always search the magazine and not just the forum before asking a question.