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hi everybody,
i was wondering if someone could help me with this,
i’m planning to HGH (genotropin) , anyone has any idea how much per day and how many days per week and for how long should i be using it?? i’m 25 yrs , 162lbs, 171cm, i’m looking to shed my body fat and gain some solid mass too… any idea’s?? thanxx

HGH rather sucks by itself, if you’re looking to get big that is. It does have some uses for fat loss, but that’s a expensive way to lose a little fat. I think Doug Kalman did an article on this for T-mag a few weeks ago. Check the archives. By the way, this post should be on the drug forum. And as an aside, you don’t seem to know enough about this topic to be delving into drug use just yet. Lots of info at T-mag - most of saying that GH is pretty worthless as a mass drug though. I’d look somewhere else - diet and training first, if you haven’t got that dialed in yet. Then maybe a MAG-10 cycle or two.