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Hi y'all, just trying to figure out HGH. Been thinking about it, and I'm considering taking it, just a little confused with how it works. I've read some forums and they usually state don't buy premixed already, so I'm guessing it comes as a powder? How do you mix it yourself? And about how much does it cost? Does 5mg of powder make only 5mg in a vial? From what I've read, I just don't know if its just really expensive or if people are trying to rip me off, sounds like one vial only lasts a few days? And it is supposed to be refrigerated?

Any details is great, thank you!


Hello JM.I don't know about anything but Authentic pharmaceutical grade dr.precsribed Human growth hormone (HGH) I take Eli-Lilly's Humatropin,it come in 2-vials.1 is 5mg's of crystalline white powder in a capped vial,no liquid. The 2nd is a 5ml vial of bacterialstatic water. The next step is to mix water to powder.The 5mg's is equal to 15i.u's international unit's. @2-vials is according to my official prescription receipt $$536.69 and $8.82 depensing fee total 4545.31 my friend this is the REal McCoy,not the Ugl's so-called gh,yellow top's red top's etc. This is covered by my private insurance and in my opinion would not be an option if not covered,moreover hgh is a lot of hype!!! Believe me it's NO WONDER DRUG????Plan old testosterone is way more effective and will build more muscle @ $50.00 a vial pharmacy grade. If you have anymore question? I be happy to give my experience from actually using hgh for 7-month's thank's johnny


Translation: He used GH prescribed by his doctor for 7 months, saw no gains.


My friend there was gain's,but nothing worth the 4price of pharmaceuital grade hgh.Maybe I benefited in way's more on a biological level,as im 54 and this stuff is said to regrow organ's that have atrophied with age and abuse,like your liver from alcohol and drug use,especially thing's that we bodybuilders take???I am definitely more lean with more abdominal definition,but then I eat clean and don't over eat,as my goal at my age is improved definition,as trying to gain more muscle makes me also more fatter.Give hgh a try,but be realistic,as the people who sell this shit make astromonical claims.john


Johnny will you please post a photo or 10 of you???