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HGH - Worth It?

Jeez - I just did the math on this stuff. I’m on TRT for a year and a half now, 200 test cyp and 100 deca per week, HCG, etc. I’m now doing 2iu HGH 6 days a week, 1iu in the AM and 1iu in the PM.

Each iu is $11! (I’m getting a generic HGH from a compound pharmacy for $180 a bottle. I add in 1.74mL of water to get 1.80mL of HGH and then do 10units from an insulin syringe.)

I just blew close to $1300 on HGH and I don’t think dollar for dollar it even comes close to what test/deca does.

Kinda stupid or what?

Buy some Hygetropin online. $674 will last 5 months. I think it’s worth it.