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HGH with EPO


Hello fellow sports addicts!!

I was wondering if you guys think taking HGH and erythropoietin is a plausible solution to really achieving performance and aesthetic results.

I dont wanna bulk so AAS are out of the question (ive tried anavar, didnt do shit!).

My stats are 160 Pounds with 11% bf. I eat well and i just wanna take it to the next level without taking AAS because i cycle (bicycle) alot.

Has this ever been attempted? In your opinion, is this an option?



This is a bodybuilding site.


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I do bodybuild i just dont want to bulk because it will affect my other sports activities.
You can bodybuild and still have that thin, lean, cut look like a martial artist.
Isnt there a lightweight division in bodybuilding?


You didnt say a thing about weight training, all you talked about was cycling.

What is it exactly that you think bodybuilding is ?

Our goal is to have 6% bodyfat and be 250 pounds.

Yours is to be 6% bodyfat and be 150 pounds.

That said how tall are you and how old. HGH isnt very effective by itself, and certainly will do little at normal doses if your younger.


Thanks for the heads up Bushido. I would only be taking small amounts of EPO (50% hematocrit, normal is 46%. Cyclists overdose on 55%).

Back to the subject though; have you ever heard of anyone mixing EPO and GH? Isnt there the possibility that the GH would add additional red blood cells on top of the EPO?

Is there anyone on the site you would recommend i talk to who is an expert on the subject?


Yes. It's called figure competition.




I am 27 and 5'10.

My goal isto reach exactly what you said : 6-7% @ 150 pounds, maybe a bit more.


I have never used EPO or GH, so I cannot make comments regarding those PED's.

It seems to me me that many cyclist/endurance athletes use Testosterone at a low dose and do just fine. I'm not sure exactly why you think Testosterone = big and bulky. This will vary greatly depending on your dose and especially your diet.

Testosterone will assist you perfectly fine with your stated goals without the risk you would run with EPO, and is much, much cheaper and more readily available than GH or EPO.


Diet is what determines how much weight you gain.

If I were a cyclist Id be hitting the winny or bold, test, and albuterol hard.

You could absolutely abuse yourself and still recover easily with proper nutrition.

Steroids will not make you grow, they arent magic. you could be on a relatively high dose, be cut as a mofo, and still gain almost no weight due to fat loss.


I would certainly disagree with this statement, especially when in reference to a novice user.


I am sorry, but 5'10" at 150 lbs is not healthy for a grown man! We are not talking any kind of bodybuilding here. It is quite literally a body destroying. This forum is not the right place.

To answer your thought...
You CAN AND MUST bodybuild and still have that thin, lean, cut look. The thing is you still will be over 200 lbs for 5' 10"!!! Because muscles actualy increase body weight.


I am guessing Green Valey does not clearly understand the difference between working out and bodybuilding....



Growth requires energy.

If his calories in do not meet his calories out then he can not grow even if hes taking 15 grams a week of AAS.

Its simply the laws of nature.

That said his body will use his fat stores to form muscle if he doesn't eat enough.

Lets estimate hes 10% bodyfat, he has 15 pounds of bodyfat, not all of which is usable.

So probably 7 pounds, thats 3500 * 7 or about 25k calories.

Thats a few pounds of muscle sure, but since he will be losing the fat at the same time his weight will stay about the same.

Did he grow, yes, will it slow him down from bulking up, no.

This is purely hypothetically, using a normal cycle, or even a peasly one like hes speaking of his body isnt going to be able to do much to convert that fat into muscle.

He will get a little stronger for a while then revert back once hes off cycle.


Thanks WHB.

Apart from a lot of cardio, What diet would be necessary to achieve that lean cut look in your opinion? The straight forward low carb high protein or something more complex?


Your forgetting relatively high fat.

During low cal diets you need more fats to keep you testosterone production kicking, as it is now more important that ever.


How can you bodyBUILD but not want to get biger?