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HGH vs. IGF-1


Hey guys,

I've been reading up alot on HGH in this forum. I've read the basics, ranging from dosage and mechanisms/cycles to side effects. I'm 18 and found out that my growth plates have not closed yet from my doctor. I was thinking of using HGH to grow a few inches (yes I do have the funds and connects).

Anyways, I know that HGH is converted to IGF-1 by the liver. So wouldnt it be more effective to use IGF-1 over HGH if I want to increase height/bone density?

I would like to know which substance (HGH or IGF-1) would be more effective in growth. Please no flaming, I would appreciate honest answers from experienced and knowledgable users.


Your theory is flawed by the fact that conversion to IGF-1 is not the only mechanism of action of GH.

GH is proven as a height increaser for those young enough. If IGF-1 is, I didn't know it (that does not mean it cannot be so.)



Can't do much better that that.


Thanks for the straightforward replies! I have a few more questions to which I couldnt find answers from researching other sites.

1.) Is GHRP-6/Hexarelin a good alternative for HGH?
2.) Is Insulin optional when using with HGH?
3.) For the sake of height growth, do I have to do a 5 month cycle? Or is the typical 8 week cycle sufficient to grow an inch or two?

Your answers will be highly appreciated :slightly_smiling:


I would have to say that unless you are pre-pubescent or have some sort of growth deficiency then GH will not increase your height (how did your doctor determine that your growth plates had not fused - was it by age?).

To answer your question at least - GH is what would be used, as it is prescribed for this exact purpose to young children and while IGF is supposed to 'grow' anything it touches, i have never heard of it growing bones - maybe because most humans who have been using this research peptide are adult bodybuilders - or rats.

I would not suggest you use GH for the purpose you stated, you are likely to be disappointed and out of pocket.

How tall are you?
You also mentioned bode density - what is the reason behind this goal? I do think that you could achieve improvements in this.. but resistance training would also significantly help this naturally - do you train with weights at all? If so, how many years have you trained?



Hey Brook,

I'm 18 and about 5 ft 6. Just wanted to see if HGH would be effective in raising my height by 2-3 inches. I'm not a child, but from what I read on HGH, the substance can increase my height given my bone plates havent fused, is this correct? Do you think HGH will help me grow a few inches, despite it being expensive? I've read HGH cycles ranging from 8 weeks to 5 months. How long should I run a HGH cycle for the sake of height increase, with little or no emphasis on gain in lean mass?

Thank you for your response.


By the way, if you didn't have X-rays done and examined to determine whether your growth plates have closer or not, then if your doctor said anything he was talking out his ass. Which sometimes happens.


Yeah I made sure the doc took X-rays.


Hey when I was younger I also was shorter. When I was probably about 17-18 I had my hands xrayed to see if my growth plates where open. The doctors said they were. I just gave it time and I grew a few inches. If your doctor thinks you need the GH then he will prescribe it otherwise just give it time. Even if you dont grow you can always make the best out of it and look stocked up at 5'6. Lee Priest is only 5'4....


Then in that case your plan may succeed. Best of luck!

I haven't made any study of the protocols used, and when I have read summaries of any the details were not of enough interest to me for figures to be remembered.

But you could find such things via search at: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/sites/entrez


This is very interesting stuff. Although, the true results of such an experiment on yourself will be hard to judge. For instance, I grew 2 inches after I was 18 naturally.

What I am about to say is just anecdotal evidence but something to consider. The reason I think I grew a few more inches was that I either hit puberty late or had a long puberty. For instance, when I was 18,19,20 I had little chest hair and definitely couldn't grow a beard. I didn't get acne very badly until early college either. I was able to start growing a thick beard and was fully developed by the time I was about 23 or 24 I would say.

This may have been because of my poor diet and substance use during the years of 16-18.

If I was at the height you are right now I would sure as hell be obtaining some growth hormone and researching appropriate dosing protocols on pubmed as Bill suggested. It could definitely work and is bad ass to take charge of your height like that.