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lets take a poll...and this has been covered many times I just cant decide where to blow my hard earned money.

2 kits of HGH
or AAS 500 test E / Tren 300mg week

which would yield greatest permanent results. Will 2 kits even make a difference ? or just go AAS and buy a shitload for what the 2 kits would cost.

votes please, and reasoning behind your choice. PLZ!

this year Im going all out


:slightly_smiling: You wanna go all out get both. Run the test tren stack for 6-7 weeks then drop the tren and keep on with the test for another 4 weeks and overlap that with some ghrp6 and hgh (look into how to use the two they work well together). Then keep on with the hgh/ghrp combo along with pct and beyond for as long as you can afford it.

Now since you probably wont' do that ( not an insult just saying bc you only spoke of using one or the other) don't even fuckin bother with two kits of hgh. YOu might (I doubt it) get a decent run outta using ghrp6 with the two kits but anyone who knows any better will tell you flat out you will not get the same results from a decent AAS cycle with a good pct...but as you can see my idea of a good pct is what you are considering an alternative to a cycle.

BTW in going all out check the sticky on how to post a question like the one above here, ie. what is your cycle history, your stats, your goals, your favorite flavor of ice cream ya know


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no offense brotha Ive been around this forum for a while. AAS and GH seem to cause hear issues when combined. Thats why I opted for one or the other . ANy input is appreciated including your cents. Ive been in this game for 10 years...just looking for bigger better shit. fuck it lslam it all at once right. its only a body


now that I re read I stand corrected. u dont mention gh and aas simlutaniously


fck miserably 200 iu cost like 700 bucks. I wanted to go with hgh from now brcause AAS have some serious adverse effects on nme


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Purely out of curiosity,

When you say fat-loss protocol, do you mean the 'normal' 2iu/day 5days/wk protocol? Or did you come up with a different protocol than your 8-12iu/day E3D?


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lol its hard typing when ur wasted. But seriously Busy with your protocol, you reall spread 70IUs over a week on non consecutive days? and keep this up for 6 monhts? can you finance me???LOL


If someone was going to give the GH a try, and was going to add it to a backdrop of lets say 2g/week anabolics, how much total GH would one need for a good run of 6 months or so assuming maximum mass gain is the goal, and is six months the right length of time?


I believe Bushy proposed 70iu spread over a weeks worth of time. I could be mistaken. AAS is just so much cheaper lol. and 2G/week of an anabolic? Man I dont think even pros use that much. I could barely handle 1G/week for 8 weeks..and it blew me up. I think Im gunna hit 6weekers now at 1G and load 1G at the start of it.


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$1.1/iu? You jammy git.


I'm going to cry. At that price I could grow a second dick with HGH.