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HGH Usage

OK, I’ll admit ignorance. I have come across some HGH and have no clue what to do with it. A friend of mine told me the dosage he reccomends but other that that I’m clueless. I don’t plan on using it until I know more about it and the possible side effects. I’m:

27Yrs Old
Lifting 6 yrs.
have done several cycles in the past,
Androl, Dbol, Sust, and Test at various times.

Is there a reccomended stack to take w/ the HGH? or is it OK standalone? Dietary modifications? Side effects? I want to cut without suffering major mass losses. If this isn’t the right thing for me, any reccomendations?

It’s not right for you… give it to me…
Actually it’s good for getting lean. 4-6IU/day of serostim is what I used. I’ll be trying Jino soon. You can up your carbs a bit while on it and stay lean. For Bodybuilding you should take it with gear.
Side effects tingling in hands/wrist pain.
Check out meso or some of the other boards…there is tons of good gh info over there

To add what Scrappy said:

  1. For building, add a MINIMUM of 1000mg of test per week.

  2. For cutting, add in Cytomel. (Trust me, you WON’T be disappointed!)

Another side effect I’ve seen is swelling of the feet and hands. When you start to lose the vascularity in the back of your hands and your shoes start to feel too tight, you’ll KNOW!

And if you STILL don’t know what to do with it, hell…send it my way!

Thanks for the info and in the offer for helping me to dispose of any unnecessary HGH. Appreciate it.

Couple more things. I usually wait until going to bed before using it. I do not eat carbs for a few hrs prior, I’ve read that it causes desensitivity to insulin resulting in high blood suger causing your pancreas to produce more insulin to compensate too much of that sort of thing is a no good situation. I am not a doctor so I am not really sure how to state that accurately in physiological terms, but its about the way I understand it.
For gains insulin is widely used with it, but there you have a real problem if you don’t know what your doing and for fat loss its certainly not necessary probably counterproductive as too much insulin whether natural or introduced into the system will
result in storage of fat from excessive carbs. This is why I believe that GH is good for cutting fat, remeber the part about desensitively to insulin…
T3 or cytomel for me is necessary at low dosages to compensate for the hypothyroidism or maybe hyperthyroidism, shit it would be nice to be a doctor. At any rate I get sleepier then shit on gh unless I use it.
At 4-5 ius a day you shouldn’t really experience too much in the way of edema or carpal syndrome or really notice it much in any way except your getting better cut and not losing mass if your doing it right and eating right. Using GH and T3 without AAS support might cause you to lose some mass though. I like doing it for a bridge then kicking in the aas about the 3 month in. When I am done I am ripped. Or atleast as ripped as I can be given my age, diet and training etc.
Other then that its great stuff and I’ll be glad to help you dispose of what you have as well…

If GH causes desensitivity to insulin, then why worry about the pancreas secreting too much? It’s quite the OPPOSITE, hence why one would INCORPORATE insulin usage WITH HGH therapy.

And another thing, do not take your GH before bed. Your body releases the most natural GH while you sleep (approx. 90 minutes into deep sleep). By supplementing it, you are telling your body not to secrete any because you are supplying enough already.

Take your GH first thing in the morning upon waking. It’s the time of day where your body is in its most catabolic state.

You know mass, your just as right as i am I think. I’ve read sooooooooooooo many different theories regarding this shit that I am totally confused about it all except the belief that I don’t think anybody including myself has any fucking idea how it all really works its all just theories.

When you do a stack of gh and insulin generally speaking you don’t use them both at the same time. Remember GH is only really effective for about 3-4 hrs post injection.
One of the benefits of of using the insulin with it is by introducing the exogenous insulin it allows theoretically the pancreas to get a break.

The main reason I do it at night is because that is the time that I reduce carb intake anyway. Also I get really tired and crashy if I take it in the morning. Actually best would be to probably take it in divided dosages. But I have definately seen mixed ideas regarding when is the best time to take it. I was only relating how it works best for me. Remember also that I do not use gh for building mass. I use relatively low dosages over a longer period to help promote healing and bf loss as well as maintenance of LBM…

You’re right in saying that we are BOTH right LOL. HGH therapy and insulin injections would NOT be used at the same time, especially given the short life of GH after injection.

We both know how great GH is for fat loss. We also know how great insulin is for putting on mass. Scientifically speaking, if both chemicals are found present in the body at the same time, they will somewhat “cancel” each other out.

Another thing I’ve read is swale saying that you should not do 5on 2off. Just take the total amount you want to use in a week and divide by 7. He favors consistent dosing.
I’ve also read from Hogg …"we could just default to the Serono method and inject before bed. BUT THEN ENDOGENOUS GH SECRETIONS ARE SUPPRESSED RIGHT??? Yep, but they would be anyway. Your biggest natural secretion is at night…but you’re going to be injecting more in one dosage than your body produces in an entire day and by Nandi’s studies, there is no free lunch…you cant keep your endogenous release up while shotgunning 3-4x supraphysiological dosages of exogenous HGH. It just simply wont happen. Since you cant time your morning injection right unless you have the ability to get to your GH mid morning, I would inject 4iu at bedtime and call it done. If you can be home mid morning, I would wait until you burn off breakfast and then inject 2iu mid morning and 2iu at bedtime. If your meal/work/training schedule is psychotic like most working professionals, then you’ll have to work with non-optimum administration and just deal with being hyperglycemic once or twice a day.
Here are some rules to keep in mind, if your glucose level is high and you administer GH, GH holds insulin at bay, leaving you hyperglycemic (relatively speaking). Once the GH metabolizes, insulin levels rise and burn the blood sugar. When your glucose level falls to 50%, GH levels rise to stop the insulin. This is not an optimum case, especially since while hyper, the HGH may cause your organs to feed on fats, and the fatty acid release will cause your organs to turn their back on glucose…meaning that you burn fat and then the excess sugar is stored as fat…errr, sort of like a round trip from Compton back to Compton…not good. Now, if you are not hyperglycemic and inject HGH, and your organs turn toward fats for energy, and then you eat say 1-2 hours later…essentially trying to ride the edge of hypoglycemia, you can avoid the accumulation of adipose tissue from post-metabolization hyperglycemia (edit - being hyper until the GH metabolizes and then when the insulin kicks in, your organs dont need the glucose) …or so the theory might hold…
Errrr…went too far, which is easy to do with this topic. Ace, just stick to the 4iu at bedtime and call it done.
As far as how many days on and how many days off, your bank account is what rules this variable.
I sincerely doubt anyone (that works for a living) does it perfect…its just too hard when you have commitments. "