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HGH Under 25 Years Old for Joint/Clavicle Growth


I’ve just turned 21. I’m 6’4" with narrow shoulders for my height. I’ve read clavicles stop growing at 25. I’ve also read users on this forum talk about joint growth from HGH.

I want to take HGH at this age (can afford it) for the purpose of wider shoulders and thicker bones/joints (wrists, ankles.) Also, a more masculine face.

Has anyone experienced any growth in the joints, clavicle, or face (jaw, brow) from HGH? Am I right in assuming HGH would help me grow in these places?




test itself increases bone density, length of bones over age of 23 wont do anything since growth plates start sealing around that time…i hate to bring up this dude but rich piana has been on hgh for 10+ years maybe look into some of what he talks about.


HGH may aid in adding musculature to your shoulders, and leaning out your jaw, but HGH on its own won’t do much.

You would need to use HGH at a high dose for many years for any serious bone growth. No, you can’t use generic GH for that - it would need to be that Pharmaceutical “I need to suck dick on camera to pay for this” grade HGH.