HGH to Help Post-Surgery Recovery?

I found out I have a partially torn triceps tendon and am thinking of using GH to accelerate recovery. I had a complete rupture of my other triceps tendon in the past and was back to doing full activities in my sport after 4 1/2 months naturally (still hadn’t regained full strength levels before injury but it held up good) so I heal pretty fast anyway.

I don’t want to be out that long though and I would like to salvage some of my season. I want to find out from anyone with past experience will GH accelerate recovery from surgery for a triceps tear? And how much can it accelerate healing in tendon/connective tissue post op recovery in general?

So you are asking questions that would make your doctor sweat and might require LOTS of money (do you even know what GH costs?)
on a forum board where the average user runs deca as a stand alone? /sarcasm

I don’t want to flame you or act as a smartass, but seriously, ask your doctor about this. GH is a major issue and should be handled that way.

All the best for your recovery dude

This doesn’t really answer you question and I have no experience using GH to heal injuries. However, maybe take a look at peptides? CJC1295,GHRP,TB500. Hope that helps.

My wife was on 2-3 iu’s per day mainly to help with fat loss when she had reconstructive ankle surgery. She did her own rehab (she knew what to do since she had had the same ankle fixed twice before - real graceful, that one) instead of seeing a PT, but still went to all of her follow-up appointments with her surgeon (dude literally wrote the book on the foot/ankle - great guy). He remarked at every visit that she was recovering much faster than he expected, and x-rays showed very little scar tissue. With her previous surgeries she had almost constant aching, which would get worse if she spent too much time walking or on her feet in general. With this one, she has had no aching or swelling after the first few weeks of recovery.

In short, 2-3 iu’s of HGH (don’t know what brand, bought it from a friend who had removed all the labels) greatly accelerated her recovery, and seemed to improve the overall healing of the joint. She had various other joint issues resulting in near-constant aching or actual pain. After 3 months of the GH (all we had), the aching in all those joints went away as well (so far - it’s been almost 3 months since she ended that run). Can’t say for certain it will do all you want for your torn tricep, but if you have the money it can’t hurt.

Side note, she also dropped a decent amount of weight (about 20 pounds - mostly fat, since it was noticeable around her midsection the most).