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HGH to Get Rid of Last Layer?


I have been training for about 4 years regularly! I am 6 ft tall initially when I started I used to weigh about 82 kgs. last year (pic below) when I cut I came down to 75kgs I was on strict 2000 calorie diet for 6 months, i was doing sprints one min each with one min walk on treadmill fully inclined on 24 with speed above 8. I lost a lot of weight depleted the muscles too yet I could not get to six packs.

I have switched programs, diets, HIIT it works everywhere except for my abs. I have made up my mind to try HGH for about two months starting with 4ius daily going upto 6 max. I have never run any cycle of AAS or anything before just whey protein, BCAA, Salmon oil, multi vitamin, apple cider vinegar etc.

I really need some professional advice about HGH (cost is not a factor) since info about it is very limited in the country I live. If there is anything else I can try or some other approach to it I would love to learn and try it!

Currently I weigh 88 kgs bodyfat is around 13% at the moment. i can still see my upper abs they are the same as in the pics of maybe slightly bigger. I want to get ripped ASAP!


the reason you don’t look any better than before you cut is that you have no muscle. Don’t try and cut any more, build some muscle and you will look 1000 times better. Cutting when you have no muscle will make you look anorexic, which you don’t want.

And you definitely have no business using HGH. It will do nothing for you.

Eat properly, train hard and STOP CUTTING

good luck!

Yeah I think HGH will take off that last layer of bone for sure

Thanks Rds!

Lol @ Vtb

This pic is of last year when I was 75kg. I’m 87kgs at the moment ill just post pics of today I don’t feel much of a difference so I guess I’ll continue to gain.


LOL just like my indian roommate.

[quote]jasmincar wrote:
LOL just like my indian roommate.[/quote]

OP should comeback with At least I fuck my GF.

Clenbuterol. Nothing will peel that last layer like an adrenal. That is assuming your only goal is to be at functionally 0 percent bodyfat.



Years ago i used to think it was ok to cut at that weight live and learn I suppose.

[quote]optheta wrote:

[quote]jasmincar wrote:
LOL just like my indian roommate.[/quote]

OP should comeback with At least I fuck my GF.[/quote]


[quote]optheta wrote:

[quote]jasmincar wrote:
LOL just like my indian roommate.[/quote]

OP should comeback with At least I fuck my GF.[/quote]

If you really want to know this doesn’t apply anymore because I left her because of this. She could have been the women of my life. C’est la vie.

No I’ve totally changed my mind I’ve decided to gain after these remarks lol I’m 92kgs ATM ill try going upto 100-5 naturally. Is that a good plan or I’ve to have test/aas cycle?

You should be able to hit 100-110kg, easily, naturally. You will, of course, have to be patient considering that you can only, realistically, add about 1-1.5 lbs of muscle/month. That’s being REALLY aggressive too. So, you’re looking at a few years. But, by that time you’ll be ready for your first cycle. Lift heavy, eat shitloads, make sure your protein is 1-1.5g/lb of bodyweight and you’ll get there.

This is the first time I ever posted something on any forum wasn’t expecting such quick replies thanks everyone!!

Dude, eat and lift, you lose any more weight and you are going to look like a ballet dancer.