HGH Timing, Use, and General Info

Hello All! Burner username for privacy reasons…

32 year old Male

Recently I decided that it is the right time for me to start looking into HGH therapy, as well as possibly TRTtherapy.

Right now, due to financial, insurance, and job issues. The best path for me to take at the current moment was to purchase HGH from a reliable source. Ironically enough, thanks to the state I live in, it was actually cheaper and more feasible to purchase it this way, as opposed to purchasing through a Dr.

I purchased 191aa HGH.

My primary questions are surrounding actually injecting the GH.

What is the best time of day to inject?
How many injections should I be doing per day?
How many IU’s should I start with? and then how many IU’s should finally ramp up to?
How many days on/off should I be injecting?
What is the best injection site?

Any other advice regarding HGH and its use, would be greatly greatly appreciated. If this isn’t enough information, please let me know if more is needed. I’m not to well versed in the T Replacement threads.


Inject SC before going to bed.
SC is anywhere comfortable for you.

Did you ever do IGF-1 lab work to eval your GH status?

When you inject GH, IGF=1 increases that that reduces your own production. So assume that you produced 1iu per day. If you inject 1iu per day, your IGF-1 may not change and there is no benefit. So for a younger person, the cost of replacing current production is a total cost/benefit loss. If someone is really deficient, the cost/benefit is completely different.

One’s IGF-1 level, produced by the liver, in response to GH is highly individualistic. So some have a better IGF-1 dose-response than others.

I have researched this over the years dealing with my GH deficiency.

You do not do days off.

Can’t do much more without IGF-1 lab work.
You also need IGF-1 to see if you purchased a fake product.

What was your reasoning for using HGH - were you clinically low?
Another option you could try would be using the peptide, MK677. Assuming you get it from a legit source (check forums) it boosts GH pulses 30-70%. It’s a log cheaper and has a similar effect as the real thing (depending on the dose)

Thank you very much for your response.

I assume while SC injections can be done anywhere…around the belly is probably the best and most efficient way?
Is there a specific time before bed? Like 1 hour, 2 hours? or anything like that?

I had read on another thread in this forum where someone was suggesting to inject twice a day…morning and mid afternoon/night…My basic understanding is that the body produces GH at night. So injecting before bed would cancel out/prevent your own body from producing its GH. Is there any truth to that in regards to when I should be injecting?

I did not get lab work done.

So no days off at all? No 6-1 or 5-2? Just a shot every single day?

I will get lab work as soon as I get my Dr. and Insurance nonsense squared away.

Until then (which could possible be 1-2months away) I was planning on taking 1.5 to 2 IU’s per day.

Thanks again for the info and help, I really do appreciate it. If you have any information to suggest I look into, I will gladly read and educate myself. There’s just sooo much disinformation, misinformation, and straight out lies out there. For someone like me I don’t want to screw myself by going down the wrong path.

The reason for starting is surrounding my health, appearance, and age.

I do not know if I am clinically low other than showing the same symptoms as people who are considered to have low igf-1/gh levels.

In reality I know, and KSman already mentioned this as well, but I know I should be getting full tests done. Its just at the current time this really is the most feasible path for me to take. Currently at the very very earliest I will not to be able to get into the Doctors until the end of October. And where I live, NH, it’s almost impossible to find a Naturopathic Dr. that takes insurance. Everyone else is pay to play…

I will definitely look into MK677.

Thanks for the information. Any other info, or guidance in where to focus my search would be greatly appreciated.

I would definitely run some MK677 over GH if you are not clinically low. Way cheaper and easier dosing. 12.5 mg day is all you need for steady body recomposition and the best sleep of your life. I’m new here and don’t know all the forum rules but I assume I can’t name sources. PM me if that’s possible. Also, always buy this product in liquid form - never pills or else it’s likely bunk. This stuff is amazing - non-suppressive and jacks your GH/IGF1.

You will need to do IGF-1 to see if it works at all. I used a Rx product of this type and it did not work for me.

Inject where comfortable. I prefer SC over legs so I can see the veins to be avoided.

GH increases IGF-1 and it has a long half-live and is negative feedback on GH production. If you are injecting GH, there is no production day or night. And if you stop for 1-2 days per week, you will not recover production in that window. Knowing this makes things simpler? And as your body naturally sees higher GH at night for whatever reasons, you can continue that. Night time routines can be easier to manage as well.