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HGH.... the Shot Beyond Steroids

So I’ve taken several cycles.
Taken: tren, dbol, winny, adex, clen, t3, test, deca, masteron, EQ(favorite), primo (if it was real, doubts) ghrp6, igf, cjc 1293, insulin (log and lin), HCG, clomid, and Nolvadex
all throughout my bodybuilding career. I know a lot about these compounds, too much in fact.

But I still don’t know shit about HGH.

I know of these blue tops and green tops. I know they are made in china and that I REALLY don’t wanna mess with that. I know about GH gut. I know that HGH is prescribed to dwarves (aka midgets).

I don’t know the difference between kingtropin and somatropin and all the other tropins out there.
So my questions are the following:

  1. when in my bodybuilding career can I take HGH?
  2. Do I even want to mess with that stuff if I don’t want that type of look. What is that look?
  3. Can you stay slim on HGH?
  4. Where can I learn more about HGH?
  5. What are the questions I SHOULD be asking?

I’m intrigued. Im intrested to hear what people have to say… is it suppressive? Because early in my military career I knew of guys using HGH alone … they were using it in the thought that it would make them run and swim faster, less recovery time between beatdowns… did it work? Couldn’t tell ya… HGH and EQ were the big ones…