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HGH & testosterone

Bill, what dosage of test will benefit me with 3iu’s of HGH DAILY. I trade futures for a living and have to stay emotionally disciplined. I AM 6’0 255. I work out very hard and intense.I know I probably need test with my HGH. Your opinion and others would be greatly appreciated.

200mg. At least that is what Dr. Bruce Nadler uses. He is in his 50’s and has the bod of a 20-30 year old. He uses 1/2-1 IU of GH taken once in the morning and once before bed (total 1-2 IU daily) + 200mg test injection per week. I visited with him last year. He has to stay sane also, doing all the plastic surgeries. Hope this helps.

It all depends on your purpose and whether the plan is to cycle use or for ongoing use. I agree with Dr Nadler’s value of 200 mg/week as a typical good value for ongoing replacement therapy.