HGH Testing

Can anyone explain the chemical reaction that occurs when testing GH with a preg. test? Why positive is fake and negative is real? Does it work for all brands of GH.

Thanks !

This isnt to test if you have GH.

Its simply to test if you have hCG INSTEAD of GH.

hCG, dropped onto a pregnancy test strip will create a positive result.

So if you drop your unknown peptide onto a pregnancy strip and it’s positive, you know you have hCG. If it’s negative, you know you dont have hCG. You dont necessarily know you have GH. And you certainly dont know the quality of your gh.

Use this method to test hCG, not gh. Basically.

Thanks Bonez. I guess the best way to test it is to try it! Too bad we can’t talk about brands here but i’ll buy only 1 kit to start with. I’ve read good reviews on that brand though. I know it takes at least 5 to 6 months to get good results but is there something i could look for during the first month that would indicate it’s good stuff???

Thanks !

When it comes to GH it’s best to go with stuff that is positively supported by lab testing. This requires some research.

You could look for side effects that comes from using low quality (impurities) GH, but this isnt close to fool proof.

Thanks, i’ll try that.