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HGH Test Kit: .1ml is 10iu?

I want to test some hgh I just acquired and I came across this test kit. I was reading they instructions and it says to use .1ml of hgh to mix with sanitized water if my calculations are correct that would be 10ius? If that is the case I do not want to waste 10ius. Is my math way off? Just out of curiosity what do most of you guys do to make sure your hgh is legit besides the obvious igf 1 blood test after you started.

This is the easiest way. Experienced users often use carpal tunnel symptoms as a gauge. Not everyone gets carpal tunnel symptoms with GH though, so this is only really useful for experienced users.

It depends on how it was constituted. 10iu’s of HGH is usually diluted with 1mL of bacterostatic water, so each 0.1 mL is 1 iu. I’ve used a test too, it’s worth the 1-2iu’s for some piece of mind.

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It’s a 36 iu pen 12mg

how many mLs? I don’t use pens, are they multi-use?

Yea basically you have 36ius and you can dose how ever you want in incraments.

Got it. Then to get the iu’s in 0.1 mL just divide 36 iu’s / total mLs. I’m assuming it’s not much if it’s a multi use pen.

Ok cool thanks bud👍