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HGH, Test Cyp, Igf-1 Lr3, Igf-1 Des


Currently on TRT
60mg test cyp x2 a week
2 IU hgh
250mcg Hcg x2 a week
1/2 x2 arimidex

Thinking of doing a blast for 4 months
300mg test cyp
2 IU hgh
60 mcg IGF-1 Lr3 on workout days, 1 month on one off
60 mcg IGF-1 Des on workout days, 1 month on one off

43 yrs old
15%-18% bodyfat

Current goal with this, 200 lbs 10%-12%

This a good combo?
Should I add Equipoise or Tren? Maybe Dbol first 3 to 4 weeks?

I’ve done 2 short cycles in the past (many years ago). 1# test only, 2# test+EQ


I seriously doubt you are going to drop to 10% body fat and put on the amount of muscle to hit your goals. More likely, you will lean out and and become more defined.

I assume you mean 300mg Test/week? My blast have been Test with Tren, Test with Masteron, and Test with Anavar. Tren is definitely the BEST but it has been banned from my house by my wife. Apparently it make me an asshole! LOL The Anavar (100 mg/day) showed the least changes in physique. I’m on the Masteron now and already seeing changes after a few weeks at 400mg/week. My libido is in super overdrive and everything is hardening up nicely. Getting very vascular when lifting in the gym. If it were me, I’d save my money for something else and leave the HGH alone for awhile. I have no reference on the IGF.