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HGH, Sustanon, Tren Cycle

For my hgh cycle at 35iu week (5iux7 day) i gonna take 700 sustanon week for 12 week,520 trenbolone e week for 11 week and 75mg adrol each day for 4 week.I want to take a maximum of lean mass. Thats gonna be good ???

uh, yeah, that’ll work…

Hgh for 24 week and y gonna start the roids a week 10

well you’re using an absolute shitload of drugs so yeah, I think you’ll probably grow.

That cycle sucks! Have you looked over any of the first cycle threads? Holy cow…

Have you ever used hgh? How you gonna dose it daily? Once a day, twice?

Honestly the others look okay…sorta. You don’t need tren for a first cycle. Or adrol. Where’s your AI and a plan for post cycle? I mean c’mon.

5iu day.u cant read buddy??