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HGH Supplements Worth It?

After some reading I’m getting more and more interested in HGH. I will not use injections or spray considering they are very expensive so that leaves HGH supplements which are about the same price as protein powders from what I’ve seen.

I know they’re different in the aspect that they don’t actually contain actual human growth hormone like the injection but rather stimulate the pituitary gland to produce more HGH within the body.

I’m curious of the effectiveness or the injection compared to the pill form. I’ve heard some side effects from bloating, joint pain and some claim there are none.

Basically, is taking the HGH supplements produce results worth taking?


You want a enough of an increase of IGF1 to make a difference inject it or inject GH.

There’s a reason everyone isn’t using those supplements.

If they worked they’d be more common.

Ok thanks a lot. I never saw a HGH supplement until today and I was just curious to why I didn’t see them before. Now I know why.

they are worthless…the fact is GH itself is way overblown in terms of the “magic” alot of people claim, but as easily and cheaply as it can be obtained these days i can’t see why anyone would want to try a GH booster that has absolutely no chance of working regradless of claims