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HGH Storage


I have been an AAS user for 20 years. I am new to HGH. I purchased 6 kits of Chinese generic HGH. I know my source well (20 yrs). He knows his source well (10yrs), so I have been reassured over and over its the real deal with experience. I have been on it for only a month, so no big signs but small signs indicate it's good.

My source taught me how to administer and to keep it in the fridge after being reconstituted. However, I have seen a lot of info saying that the unreconsituted HGH needs to be in the fridge too, or it will become inactive.

He knew and I kept mine unrefridgeated in my closet for 2 months before using.

After a lot of research, half of the posts say you have to keep the un reconned stuff refrigerated, some say they do not know anyone who does, the other says why risk it.

I would refrigerate not to risk (hell I spent 2K for 6 months), but some of the name brands say NOT to refrigerate and keep at room temp. I do not want to hurt my HGH by refrigerating unnesecesarily. My source is going through a divorce and cannot be reached.

I really do not know why something in a freeze dried form needs to be kept in anything but a cool dark place, but I do not want to waste 2K.

Answers are all over the place. Someone who knows would be great to settle this.

I saw a posting from Aragorn from several years ago saying that HGH can be stored at room temp. His post sounded well researched and very well informed.

Is my HGH OK?


I always keep mine in the fridge dry or mixed. I see no reason to think that keeping it cooler would degradeor damage the powder, most that I have heard from suggest to keep the powder refrigerated.


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