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HGH stimulators

Are there any over the counter HGH stimulators that aren’t a bunch of crap? I’m interested in adding one, if it is in fact effective, to my stack. I talked with a local peddler the other day and he said his product was effective. I saw him before and he had mentioned that he was using it. Two weeks later he had visably increasd mass and claimed it was do to this product.

I think this guy is full of shit. GH injectable has dubious results as an anabolic, so I doubt a GH stimulator could cause any significant weight gain. From my research, GH is the last place a bodybuilder should look for gains, not the first.


I agree, all bunk. Even the real deal isn’t all that great by itself.

You can take L-Arginine, and if you

a. take a shitload, like 12 to 18 grams and…

b. have an empty stomach, as in not much competing aminoacids in the blood, low insulin levels and…
c. have enough choline to make acetylcholine, and enough B6 and…
dont shit yerself from all the arginine, and dont vomit from the taste then…

You can ‘usualy’ release a good amount of GH, but like others have said, if your not GH deficient from ageing or whatever, then it wont make much difference anyways.

Even real pure injected HGH doesn’t do much? It shouldn’t even be considered as a booster for growth within a stack?

In issue #157, Tim mentioned in his bts column this type of supplement was in the developemnet stage. It sounded quite promising. I haven’t heard much about it since then.

I use Somatoplex Max by VesPro [913 438 3074]. I am 50 yrs old and I use it to bring hgh levels back up to youthfull levels. The stuff works! It really rejuvenates a person. Use tribex with it-recommended! Whether Somatoplex will help a younger person gain mass is something that I dont know however.

Have you actually had any labs done to confirm elevated hGH levels? Or could it be you are merely enjoying the Tribex?

If you want to be quasi-legal about it, you can try out GLB, or be illegal about it and take GHB. Depending on the dose, it has been shown in medical studies to increase growth hormone 6-16 fold for about 4-6 hours. Here in Canada, GBL is legal, although GHB is schedule 3. In the states it is Schedule 1, so its possession is like possessing heroin or cocaine, not wise. In Canada, I can get GBL for $60/L, which is about 12 cents a dose, repeated 4 times a day, equals 50 cents a day for a 16 fold increase in GH. But don’t even get me started on how absurd, ignorant, misled and absolutely ridiculous the laws are on this stuff. Cheers. Oh by the way, don’t expect increased mass with growth hormone, in the real world that has shown of little value, only expect increased lipolysis.

Yeah whats the deal with the Biotest growth hormone product? I havn’t heard shit since 157.

I’m also interested to hear about thier growth horomone product. Maybe thats the new product that will be in the next BTS.

Ok I am farily young and have to do a lot of isolation/work to even begin to get sore. So GH is probably not going to help like you’ve all said. How can I produce new, long term fiber. I’m interested in the mass that sticks to your bones you know? I’m just beginning a cycle of 2x weeks tribex, then 4x weeks tribex and methoxy-7, then two weeks tribex. I’m looking to add a possible 7 lbs that is permanent. I have relatively high test levels and do not want to use a steroids or pro-hormones until I’m old. I do want undiminishing mass. The kind of muscle and power that does not need a whole lot of maintenance. I will maintain it no doubt, but I want to know I’ve got something long term on my ribs. I eat well and train well at the moment. -It’s hard to eat well in a household that eats tons of rich foods. It is a test of willpower though, which has made it even that much easier to drive myself… surprisingly. :slight_smile:

It would be a horrendous mistake to make GHB legal. Do you really know about this stuff?