HGH Somatropin 2iu

I take 1.5 iu of somatropin… not sure this is enough or not any thoughts or opinions would be greatly appreciated been on for about 2 months

What are your goals?

Wanna get shredded but not too bulky I walk around at 200 would like to bump to 205 210 but I want abs

That’s about .5iu more than a replacement dose. Nowhere near what you’d need to get to your goals. Although you can probably get to your goals without any GH, I assume you’re using it in the hopes that it helps. At that dose you’re essentially spending a ton of money in order to get slightly better than you were naturally. You need to go way beyond natty levels in order to make GH worth it.

So how many iu should I be taking

You’d be way better off running a mass cycle of gear. Cost less and better results. @iron_yuppie or some of the other guys are more knowledgeable than me on that.