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HGH Sleep

Is HGH released only when sleeping for long periods of time or even if you take like a 1 hour nap? Also i know its nessecary to get 8 hours a day of sleep but could one sleep like 6 hours at night and 2 hours during the day for a total of 8 hours?


When discussing your own, endogenous production and release of Growth Hormone, no need to refer to it in any other way than GH;-)

GH status is especially dependent on sleep, because a major growth hormone surge occurs during the first episode of slow-wave sleep, approximately 30-70 minutes after falling asleep. That said, not merely sleep, but sound sleep, is essential to maximizing sleep-induced growth hormone release.

Other factors, during the day, influence growth hormone release as well (i.e. composition of diet, style of training, etc.).