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HGH ?'s

I’ve been taking 4 iu/day (somatropin) for the last month, and am wondering if it would hurt to go 5 on, and 2 off? I haven’t noticed any effects yet, as I haven’t expected to b/c I’ve read it should take about 5-6 months for noticeable effects.

Also, I ordered insulin, and expect it to be here by the end of the week. When I combine the insulin w/the HGH will it still take 5-6 months to notice a difference? Or will gains be much quicker? If anyone has experimented w/HGH + Insulin, what type of results did u acheive?

BTW, I am a collegiate wrestler, and my goals are purely increased strength and recovery. I realize that 4 ius of growth/day is not going to make me gain 30 lbs, but that is not my goal.

I Realize there’s a lot of questions in there, but just seeing what everyone thinks. Thanks.

This is just what I might do. I have had the same goals in the past and worked for me.

HGH 4iu per day is fine - if above that take twice a day.

Be careful when starting the insulin because of the HGH - start lower than you think and build up. I personally take it twice a day - once in the morning with breakfast and one post training. The recovery is great.

Why you order - should be able to pick up OTC?

I would also add in a test like prop. Maybe 100mg E2D.

I don’t know if you have used T3 but great to combo - and keep the weight in check.

Proviron could be another safe bet while using the test - I kind of like this stuff - I would do 25mg 2xday.

Stack these together and you will see the results you are looking for. I personally think using HGH by itself is useless you really need to stack it.

BTW how old are you? Don’t worry I’m not going to flame you… just your peofile says student.

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Guys,I have a quick question on this
I got Serostim today from a friend… I used different GH in the past, 4 IUs a day.
The instructions (I actually read most of them) say to discard whatever is not used immediately???

No way I am using the entire 18 IUs at once
I remember the last GH I has said I could refrigerate for up to a week…
Is this BS on the label…

I need this for recovery of an injury…
muscle tear…
any help, really appreciated

The source is definately credible. The company brings in over 50 milliion/year. But, anyway, I am 20. I have a very realistic chance of becoming an all-american. I have noticed some effects such as ripped abs but pushed out. I already had abs before but they weren’t pushed out so far.

Anyway, im hoping 4 ius/day will help my recovery. I will start to break it into two separate injections. Also, how do I combine it w/the insulin for the greatest strength effects, and how long will it take to reach strength gains when I combine it w/insulin.

Thanks guys.

Also, I brought my HGH home with me for spring break this weekend (10 hr drive), and although I packed it w/two bags of ice, it still was room temperature when I got home.

Will my HGH and insulin still be good? I refridgerated it as soon as I got into my house tonight.

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