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HGH Releasers?

Does such a thing actually exist? Do we really have a grasp of what causes their release/production? Anyone out there have any information on this.

Of course I have a natural skepticism regarding any supposed miracle pill,spray, or needles but supposed HGH releasers have always sparked my curiousity. Unfortunately, all the information I find online is tainted by marketing gimics. If anybody can helpout, it would greatly be appreciated.

Your best bet is GOOD food, an AWESOME training stimulus and proper REST!!! Sleep is big and is when you get a BIG wack of hormones.

Just my opinion however,

You found the right place. Check out the info on Alpha Male, everything in the archives and all the other stuff.
Look out for products with words like precursors.
Have Fun.

I add some mucuna extract to give me some l-dopa in my night time shake, (if i make it). supposedly it helps with some gh release. laters pk

I’d say deadlifts, squats and other compound excersizes have shown to make the body release HGH and other muscle building, fat burning hormones.

And of course what Phill said too.

I don’t know for sure, but I’d bet that these excersizes and proper rest and whole food nutrition could make your body produce more than any legal supplement out there.

It is possible though, that using the supplements along with the rest could produce even more of the hormone, but I can’t say for sure, and for me, the cost/benefit ratio isn’t worth it.

This is mostly oppinion since I don’t know all of the science behind these supplements, but seeing that I only use protein powder, Creatine, ZMA and Vit./Min. supplements, there would probably be other supplements I would buy before these, like aminos or glutamine…