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HGH Recovery From Surgery

Hello Everyone:

I’m a long time reader, first time poster. Last Thursday, I underwent a operation to excise a deep pilondial cyst. I knew the recovery time was going to be long, but there was some complexities during the surgery. My doctor is now saying it will be a month before I can sit at my desk and two months before I’m back in the gym.

Currently, I am 27 years old, 200 lbs., and mostly lean. I am currently on prescribed TRT (220mg/wk), which keeps me at very high “normal” range, with a little aromatization.

I decided to hasten my recovery, by purchasing a 100 iu Angtropin kit. Since the wound will be left open to drain and heal from the inside out, I figure the HGH will help regrow the tissue.

Can anyone here recommend a dosing schedule? I am really not looking for gains, just something to heal faster.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I thank you in advance, gentleman!



you can play around with it, but i don’t know how much it really matters, one thing i would suggest though is to look into some peptides, its hard to get legit generic top gh bottles, not so much with peptides, use some ghrp, mod grf, tb 500, bp 157, tb 500 and bp157 are really the best used for healing.

I’ve used ghrp6 at 100mcg twice per day to help recover from a major shoulder surgery, and it has seemed to have some positive effects. I imagine you’d have similar benefits from the HGH if it’s real. I’ve never taken HGH but my understanding is you should take 2-4iu per day with anything less than 2 being a waste of time.

you mean a 100mc? post must be 20 characters

My mixup…at the concentration I mixed it was 10iu as measured by an insulin syringe, and 100mcg.

So, I got my hands on some authentic HGH (Nuptropin). Does anyone know the proper dosing for a 200 lb male? The sole intention is to heal my wound. Muscle preservation would be a nice perk, but the goal is so I can sit down again, so I can go back to work!

I would start at 3 or 4 IU in the morning how much do you have?

Hey Bigman,

I have 120 IU total.

so from my understanding depending on age your body produces about 1-1.5 IU of GH each day on its own, and when you inject you shut down your bodies own natural pulses, So I think 3 to 4 IU a day would put you at abnormal levels and raise your IGF score enough to encourage healing, I know there have been some guys who run gh with peptides too, or igf, or tb500 just look into some dosing protocols. Ive used tb500 before and it was fantastic for some overuse injuries from ball