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HGH Reconstitution Help?

Hi Guys,
I got Arctotropin aa19 HGH 10IU vial, the instructions for reconstitution said 1ml of Steriled water, but if I mix 1ml with the podwer on the vial I will get more than 10IU right? (I meant more liquid diluting the10IU)

No, you will still have 10 IU. It was just be in liquid form. So now your concentration is 10iu/1mL. So 0.5 mL =5 iu, 0.3 = 3 iu, etc.

What do you plan as a your daily dose? Personally, I wouldn’t go over 5 iu/day and at this dose, you will get great results. Just need insulin pins and shoot 0.5 ml every night.

Make sure you get bacteriostatic water, not sterile water. It will prevent bacteria

how long do you run that dose for?

Until you run out of HGH! :joy:

I ran 5iu/day for 3 months and have been off for 5 months. Lost 4 inches on my waist and preserved most of my muscle. Had surgery in January and have been idle/reduced output for most of the last 5 months, so I gained alot back.

Getting ready to run 4 iu/day for 6 months as soon as it arrives. Running TRT too and some masteron.


Money really isn’t much of an issue, once my blast is over I was considering 2iu/day and 100mg cyp/week for 6 months on my cruise and then doing another blast at 4iu/day 400mg cyp/week with an additional compound

Wait and see what the 5 iu does for you before you decide to cruise. How long are you going to run the 5/day?

Depends. I really don’t know to be honest I was thinking about running HGH and Test for the remainder of my existence on earth lol just need to figure out dosages … Definitely running test forever, was contemplating HGH pretty heavily as of late because all of the research I’ve done points to great results and great health and improved quality of life as long as health is good to begin with

I loved HGH. I’ve been running sermorelin and Mod GRF but they are not as potent as the real thing. For me, there was a huge water weight gain, almost a pound a day, for about 2 weeks or so, then it started to come off then the fat followed it. By the end of 3 months I had lost 18 pounds most of it was fat. It really targeted my visceral belly fat and shrunk my waist. BTW, I took mine at night. Improved my sleep greatly. Also, it can increase your carpal tunnel syndrome if you are prone to that like I am

I think after you achieve the results you want, then 2 - 3 iu/day would be a good maintenance dose.

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Okay, so 5iu/day for 3 months and the cruise at 2iu/day?

If you are where you want to be in 3 months, then I’d say yes. Just be flexible and have enough GH on hand so you can make adjustments on the fly

P.S. dont forget your BAC water.

Also keep everything in the fridge when reconstitued. You can keep the powders in the freezer or the fridge. Also GH is fragile. Dont shake it or move to alot. Dont reconstitute too much at one time, just about a week’s supply at a time

Sorry to be a nag but at 5 iu/day, one vial will last 2 days. For 90 days, you will need 45 vials or about 450 iu.

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And that will be good alongside my 100mg cyp/week?

Sure. I was running about 750 Test eth and 300 NPP last blast. Maybe you want to bump it up?

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My blast right now is 350mg prop/week (50mg ED) and 50mg Anavar/ED (oral solution) with adex 0.25mg EOD and provimed 50mg/ED

Why are you using test prop and pinning ED vs test eth and twice weekly?

Fast acting ester vs long acting. I’d rather have the fast acting right now right now and my cruise (100mg cyp/week) will start 2 weeks before my last pin of prop so I don’t skip a beat

Well since you like pinning ED, you’re gonna love GH! LOL

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Lmao dude I hate it honestly. And I’m a little weary of the gear I got, I am getting a LOT of leakage post injection. And I woke up sore today after my shoulder workout yesterday… That’s not supposed to happen

WTF! That is not supposed to happen. Are you doing subQ?

No, I’m doing IM. 23g 1" needle