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HGH question

I was bored last night and did some poking around the internet and I found an HGH supplement that claims to boost IGF1 levels 151% on average…which seemed impressive.

They SAID all the right things on the site, like doing double blind placebo tests and such, but I’m still wary. Not every company is like Biotest, you know what I mean?

That said, even though 151% increase in IGF1 levels is the highest claim I’ve seen for HGH supps (and it does contain a homeopathic version of HGH, it’s not a precursor) is that enough to promote lean mass gain and fat loss for weight trainers? 151% may be high, but that won’t matter if you need (for example) a 5000% increase to see real benefits.

Also, I’m going to be 34, and was wondering if I’m at the right age to try something like this out or am I still too young?