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HGH Question


A friend of mine has GIVEN me about 90iu's of HGH. I have researched this product and most successful cycles are ran for very long periods of time. I was curious if I should just sell this or try to incorporate it with a cycle or do I need to try to purchase more (which is going to be quite difficult considering my source hasnt been able to get ahold of this)

I am not sure what protocol would be for such a small amount of HGH. Would it be more beneficial to do less iu's/day or more iu's/day for a shorter period?

I'll have a test base as well, so I was thinking even if I only experience the fat loss properties of the hgh due to the short use I'd be happy with that. Especially considering it was free. I just want to know whether I would actually see benefits or try and sell it and go with my original plan of Tren A/Test P at the end of the summer.



If you don’t really care whether or not you run a long “cycle” of GH or not, and wouldn’t mind just using it for the fat loss benefits, then I would say that a modified version of BBB’s HGH protocol would suit your circumstances well (perhaps his “Poor Man’s HGH Protocol,” not sure if I got his nomenclature just right, look toward the end of The HGH Experiment thread)

Anyway I have experienced pretty well immediate fat loss benefits upon IV administration of GH, and I would also say that IM pre-workout happens to entail a number of lovely benefits as well, not the least of which is an unbelievable fascia stretching pump.

For the record, I do think 90iu is a pretty sorry amount to work with (what’s with the off amount, btw? I’m used to seeing either 80 or 100.), and I would want to have at the very least twice that; but if you genuinely don’t care, and are happy to just use it up, then I still think you could get a number of benefits out of that amount that you will still be very happy with.

BBB will be the guy to go to with a much richer explanation of the “why” than I will, however.


I agree totally - i have been looking into the protocol with a view to run it aswell, and i would suggest that for it to be ran, one would need at least 200iu for around 6 weeks worth… preferably more.

HGH in all honesty isn’t anywhere near as expensive these days - with prices ranging from $1-$2 per iu, anywhere inbetween is acceptable IME.

Either run it as Cortes suggested, using BBB’s poor man protocol (IM injections, as i too wouldn’t recommend just ‘anyone’ to stick pins in their veins) OR keep it on ice and add a couple hundred iu to it… giving you a decent amount to maximise your results.

Add AAS and maybe a little slin or IGF (depending on your development and experience) and you should be very happy.



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Yes BBB is right on the dosage as well. So 90 iu should last quite long enough to see results.


Not positive where the amount came from. I could’ve mistaken what he said.

I am going to put together my cycle and decide. Now that I hear about BBB adding test and tren, maybe I’ll just add it to my already planned cycle of Test + Tren instead of selling it and putting the money towards the cycle.

Dont get me wrong, if the benefits are worth the cost I can definitely afford whatever needed, its merely the fact that my source cant get it and I’m not positive if I’m ready to go through a few trial/error runs with online websites.

I will probably just end up adding the HGH to the cycle im currently researching and just push up the timeframe on when I planned on running it.



You know i luv ya BBB but i have to wonder, 500mg test + 200 masteron + 200tren acetate + intense interval training with supersets and low GI carb approach but yet we give tremendous credit to the GH? I seriously doubt the results would have been any differetn without it. You know i am old school with the GH so maybe i am wrong but i always wondered how with 4 different compunds flowing in our blood we can specifically state that the GH worked at all over the short time period…i have to maintain my position that it doesn’t.


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Although if anyone cares to shoot me a PM with some helpful information about online purchasing I wouldnt be too upset with you.

if not, I’ll be sticking to the amount I have and the fat loss characteristics of HGH will have to suffice.



I think we all need friends like yours…


Its weird how things work out, now I have come across more Genentech HGH. So I’ll be putting together quite a cycle for this summer. Now I’m excited. Christmas came early.