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HGH, Proviron, etc. During Urine Tests?

I am thinking IF there mayby is possible tog use something like hgh hcg etc.

I am controlled by urine tests for drugs at work,So is there anything i can use?
In THE steroid n hormoner groupe?

Been Buster with steroides before,Test prop+dianabol+proviron n masteron!

I really dont know what IF any hormoner n steroides can be used n Still dont be in problem if i am tester again!

Have used steroides for many years in THE past,but i had to quite when i got busted in 2018.

All help is great.

Best to ask before i buy Gear n start Up again…

This was a bit difficult to read.
What urine tests?
Just standard office job type?
I doubt they will test for anything outside recreational drugs. It is costly and quite frankly, no one cares.

Unless you’re being tested by WADA or a similar agency then no, you won’t get caught using steroids unless someone is specifically looking for them. And HGH is functionally undetectable, even at the highest levels of testing.

I live in Sweden and it is THE standard narcotics tests.

So it is probably extremly Hard for People not living in THE same country as me to know.

Sorry IF it was Hard to Read.

Best reegards

Don’t they go around randomly testing ppl in gyms over there?

If they’re testing specifically for steroids and you are taking steroids then you can probably assume what the results are going to be.

Jesus christ man just read some articles of facilities doing this in Sweden (or at least there being a push for it).

How sad is that lol
They do more for bros on gear than their borders

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My buddy lived in Stockholm for 6 months a few years back. He’s huge. He’d get questioned all the time. Eventually started working out at his apartment.

Was a bummer cos he loved it there, lots of girls, everyone stays fit.

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Only a portion of gyms joined this nanny state initiative. Sounds like something Australia would do lol.

hahaha I actually remember Toney Freeman got arrested for being jacked in Sweden.

Yeah also in Oz, crazy how policies change so drastically in EU.
Certain parts of EU, you can get test, deca, mesterolone if you are nice to the pharmacist.

They don’t test in gyms here. Though they do in the military. It’s interesting how literature backs time and time again that these punitive policies don’t help, rather they serve to increase incarceration rates, increase adverse health outcomes associated with use and indirectly increase rates of drug use/re-offending. Yet despite even a shift in public attitude politicians seem to be lacking in this particular field, probably for fear it might reflect a “soft on crime” type attitude/stance; to which I think is stupid.

The user shouldn’t be the priority, the dealers are far more likely to be the actual hardened criminals.

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You said you got busted before? I’m guessing the same test you failed is the same one you will be required to take in the future?

In Sweden they can come Up to me in THE gym and take me with Them for testing for Steroides.
Not that common,but know a few.

When i starter steroides were legal to use,buy n have+Even legal to sell in THE late 80s n Early 90s So everything was extremly cheap back then.
Pretty Good prices Even now through.

Will atleast start Up with some orals next month,so hope for THE best then.

Thanx for all input.
Great forum…