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Hgh Protocol

i was wondering anyone could help me out with a problem that has been bugging me something rotten the past few weeks/months.
I used a ghrp/cjc protocol for about 6 months and have had a 3 month â??breakâ?? from those however i recently run a short 6 week course of mgf (200mg bilateral) into the muscle trained straight after training then on the day off following igf1-lr3 (100mg bilateral) and saw some great gains, even people at work noted the difference (targeted only my chest and arms for this protocol due to injecting igf the day following)

anyway though i have recently moved out from home (nearly 19 years old) i recently got a promotion which means i could try hgh at 6-8iu per day however i have been using it for the past week or so at 6iu per day and have no numbing of the hands which suggests it isnâ??t as strong as the ghrp/cjc protocol (had numbness after about 5 days)

so i was wondering in terms of gaining as much size as possible would you run hgh at the said dose or perhaps revert back to ghrp and cjc x4 per day (as was doing before 125mg of ghrp-2 and 100mg of cjc-1293) then when â??onâ?? AAS run my peg-mgf and igf1-lr3?