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HGH Protocol for Helping Dislocated Patella

Hello, as we all know our friend BBB is the one that know about the different HGH protocols. Ive tried the E3D IM injections protocol witch has helped me a lot for gaining lean body mass.
But today i had an accident and i dislocated my patella, but came back to its position quickly. Now it hurts like hell. Happened to me before like 4 years ago, and never considered going to surgery, as it was not recurrent.

I would really appreciate an opinion about which protocol of HGH works best for healing this kind of injuries…Thinking about daily SUBQ injection to maintain the HGH in the bloodstream as long as possible, but with no peak…Norditropin nordilet is the only brand i can get here in chile, no other options of peptides.

Thank you in advance for your advice.
Greetings from chile

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I know this isn’t really the answer you’re looking for, but I’ve been seeing a chiropractor that specializes in sports injuries, for my joint issues, and it’s been amazing for me. I’m healing now, and I wasn’t before even with long periods of rest and all the joint supps I could swallow. I was also taking about 1200mg motrin just to get through my work day, and now after 3 sessions I’m totally off it. OK, I’ll stop now…but seriously, look into it.

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Yes, i know ligaments will remain lax, but the cartilague of the patella gets scratched when it leaves its place, and Gh could help regenerate it quick, couldnt it?
that part of the injury could be recovered faster with some dose of hgh?
thank you in advance for your answer!!