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HGH Problem


Hey guys,

So I got my HGH yesterday. Supplier told me to refrigerate even before reconstitution. Put it in my mini fridge last night, checked this afternoon and it was temping at 31 degrees. I raised it immediately, now its between 38 degrees and 44 degrees. My question is do you guys think any significant damage was done to the hgh while at 31 degrees? Thanks guys!



I read through that. It talks about refrigerated vs non refrigerated. Im asking if the temp in the fridge being at 31 degrees for half a day degraded the non constituted hgh?


Well if you read then you would see the recommended lowest temp for hgh is 2 degrees celcius, which is like 34 degrees farenheit or something, so in my opinion youll be fine


You’re fine


Its fine just make sure to use it up in 2 weeks after its been mixed 2 weeks is about how long it will stay good\optimum

Ive used it for years never paid any attention to my temp set the fridge for medium is fine


Humatrope says it could theoretically sit on the counter not reconstituted for a week at room temperature. I wouldn’t recommend it though. You could also freeze it accidentally. As long as it hasn’t been frozen too long and you thaw it in the refrigerator it’s fine.when it’s reconstituted is when you have to worry.