HGH + Primo First Time Cycle?

Hi there, i want to start my first ever cycle it goes something like, please let me know if i will get good gains from this, my goal is to lost fat and have lean muscles adding that i want the safest cycle out there, money wise is not an issue so i am going for an HGH cycle

I have 4 months and i really dont know the time period to see good results for this cycle , should it be 12 weeks cycle ? please let me know

My Cycle :

  1. HGH 4IU 5 Days on 2 Off

  2. Primobolan 250mg or 500mg ==) i am still considering the hair loss issues that come from Higher doses of Primo and stuff as i said i want decent gains and not huge gains and a safe cycle.

  3. How to inject the HGH and Primo and on which days ? and where in the body?

  4. Now should i add HCG during this cycle or just forget about HCG since it is only Primo and no Test-e is used for this cycle ! And Go for PCT (Nolva) 10 Days after my cycle has ended ?

  5. I heard about igf-1 to be added to this cycle but have no idea about it… Any news ?

I appreciate your help in this matter and if you need to add anything else i would love to hear your thoughts…

first off ull probably hear from anyone on this forum to use a test base with just about any cycle. if u intend to run primo most ppl say 16 weeks atleast is ideal because it is slow acting. A 12 week injectable cycle without test personally sounds miserable to me.

i dont see see y u just dont do the standard 12 weeks of test e at 500mg with an oral to kickstart the first 4 weeks. if u intend to continue to use anabolics i would recomend using your first cycle of test only to see how u react to test as far as bloat and how u will need to dose ur ai. dont know enough about hgh to give advice but thats just my two cents. if money isnt an issue y not run a simple cycle until u have the knowlage to stack compounds safely