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hGH Plus Test Cycle

Hi Guys,
What is your opinion about this cycle?

My Stats:
39 yo
12% body fat

Cycle 20 weeks.

Weeks 1 to 20

Weeks 12 to 20
Testosterone cypionate 400 week

What do you guys think?

8 weeks is pretty short for test c, and 400 mg a week will take a while to ramp up to the point you feel it.

ok, What do you suggest?

I blast with T cyp as well. I like 12 weeks. Is this your first cycle? If so you might even wat to consider 300mg/wk until you know how your body is going to deal with injected T.


Just do 500-600 per week test it’s a great 1st cycle
The H won’t do much but help with healing & anti aging… you can safely take 2-5 iu daily the rest of your life & slow down time.
But 500 t will pack on some meat in 12 weeks… I did same on my first…it was my best cycle put on 30lbs & kept around 17

Thanks thehebrewhero What type of test you recommend? cypionate, enanthate or propionate?


If you’re only going eight weeks then use prop.

Did you use test e for your first time

If I do the 12 weeks?

Yes my first cycle was by far my best cycle… I wish I could do it again… I did a very standard plan…
500 mg test cyp weekly 2 shots Mon & Thurs 250mg
Anastozle .25 eod
HCG 500 per week
then back to my cruise dose 200 after 12 weeks
Yur first is yur best no reason for stacking stuff save that for other cycles… Your body wont know what hit it when you have super human test levels for first time so it will grow like hulk as long as your diet isnt shit and you lift like a man… Since your bulking just eat 2gram per lb protien the rest will fall in line

Yes I did!

Is 44 yrs old ok for that dose then !

Sorry man, the cutoff is 43.75yrs.

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Everything will not ‘fall into line’ by eating 2g per lb of protein OP, make sure carbs are high enough too. One could argue carbs are more important than protein when using gear.

I second what @hrdlvn said, 300mg a week is plenty for a first cycle. Its a marathon, not a sprint when it comes to building muscle. Smaller gains over time will be more permanent, allow the heart to keep up with the extra weight and the tendons to catch up to the increased strength.

Training for longevity is the name of the game.

And good luck.