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HGH Plus AAS Question

I was just curious would the effects of HGH lessen that of Oral Steroids on the liver?

I dont plan on running huge amounts of Orals while on HGH to test this its more of just for interest sake.

Not at all.

HGH increases the muscle mass gained with use of AAS and helps retention of that mass…the theory is that AAS increases the size of muscle fibers while the GH increases the number of muscle fibers. This is still up for debate but most GH users you speak with will agree that it has changed their physique permenantly (rounder appearance to the muscles and a higher LBM set point that the body maintains naturally).

HGH can also improve a lot of other things like bodyfat to LBM ration, vision, skin, bone density, BP (although i think this is mostly from weight reduction in the test subjects), sexual performance (again weight reduction and overall fitness is likely strongly related).

It doesn’t do anything to reverse the damage to the liver from oral steroids though.

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And hgh is very individually dose dependent. USe too much and you’ll swear your joints are all locked up. It’s nothing to play with and is most definitely best left for later stages of development. You sound like a total rookie and perhaps should not be messing with things that can mess you up.


The IGF1 produced by the lives may or may not cause some of those effects. Locally released IGF1 in the muscle cell may be more responsible for the hyperplasia effect. I may be wrong or partially right.

What are your feelings on IGf1 and apoptosis?

Norditropin 4iu/d is far more than enough
and price does not bite :slight_smile: