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HGH Peptides vs Test

Basically just wondering what is more bang for your buck? I’ve run a couple sarm cycles seen little no effects good or bad. Was thinking about trying an hgh peptide cycle like ipamorelin and or cjc. Wondering from a standpoint of not only the best results but my wallet of running a cycle of straight test is more worth my time? I’m looking for strength gains first and foremost, joint health, and the aesthics and libido gains are cool too but just gravy

Test is going to be a lot cheaper. And based on what I’ve seen around various other forums it doesn’t seem to be likely to be faked or underdosed in the way peptides and/or hgh are. And from a health perspective, I would ask you to consider this: what other PED has been studied more than testosterone? We have thousands and thousands of pages of solid scientific studies on test and its interaction with our bodies. It’s the safest, most researched option available, and it’s dirt cheap to boot. I say save your money up and look into peptides after you’ve spent some time cycling the old standbys. Just my two cents.

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Yeah keeping it simple seems the safest bet

I was scrolling for my own purposes and came across your post. I tied Ipamorelin a couple of years ago. Spiked my appetites (as if I was a teenager, although I’m in my 50s), so it obviously did something. Seem to tighten me in some spots. But, didn’t really get any appreciable benefits, not did I miss it when I stopped. Wasn’t worth the money in my view.

Use the Test and MK-677. A decent amount of Test is 300-600mg/wk and you can get a bottle of cypionate or enanthate for 35-65 bucks on the web (don’t ask me where, but they’re out there, google is wonderful!) And MK-677, not a SARM, but triggers GH secretion. This should be pretty cheap.